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Supreme Outdoor Blinds supply and install Patio Blinds Cafe Blinds Alfresco blinds in Perth.

We custom design and manufacture to your specifications

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At Supreme Blinds, we personally design, custom make and install the product, ensuring that the quality, delivery service are kept to the highest possible standard.

Our experienced team maintains the leading edge in design and service in the alfresco blinds trade.

We take personal pride in the work we do and provide 100% satisfaction to our clients.

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track outdoor blinds

The track guided system is simple and safe to operate – no chains, ropes or pullies.


Easy lock in mechanism at any height !


Lightweight, simple operation with no resistance !


No rattling in wind !!!
Avoid your outdoor blinds rattling in the strong wind with a secure guided system


No Mosquitoes

Essentially all blinds including patio and cafe blinds are designed to protect the entertaining area, provide shade, weather protection and UV rays from Perth’s hot summers.

Patio blinds and alfresco blinds are essential in out relaxed outdoor lifestyle we live in Perth.

Patio blinds give you protection from the elements

The guided patio blind system sealed protects you, your patio and your outdoor furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare and insects.

We all want to make the most of our outdoor living.

With the guided blind system you can use your outdoor area all year round.